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Looking at the Heros !

March 9, 2022

During my time as a resident artist at The Jelly Reading, I learned much and got lots of positive feedback both directly and indirectly which I enjoyed.  However, while my work and practice is pleasing, I want to learn and develop my portfolio for the future and more important my next exhibition. Even though, kind comments are welcome, positive criticism was also required, fortunately that also was forth coming. 

I am very aware of my short comings as regards technical expertise, photography and staging etc.  but at a loss as to how I can balance the learning with my practice.  It seems there are many other principles that need to be addressed before even taking a shot.  I was delighted to get advice and basic hints and tips from a supportive local artist who has set me on course following the principles of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston who were stop motion animators and two of Disney’s Nine Old Men. They were recognised by the Walt Disney Company with the Disney Legend Award in 1989 and awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2005. Their principles are directed to those who animate 2d cartoon characters, I hope can observe and apply them to my 3d dolls. 

1 Squash and stretch to exaggerate the pose

2 Anticipation to communicate action to the audience

3 Staging, clear action, timing, rule of 3rds etc.

4 Straight ahead and pose to pose, I can observe straight ahead by animating as I go but pose to pose is for 2d drawings.

5 Follow through, extending the pose beyond the action to add drama

6 Slow in, slow out, lots of small moves in the beginning and end, longer steps in the middle a particular action.

7 Arcs, using slow in and out in a spacious curving movement

8 Secondary action, gestures that support the main action to give more dimension and interest

9 Timing using spaces between moves to speed up or slow down

10 Exaggeration taking every action to the next level … be more convincing

11 Solid space, giving a character weight and positive space, this applies more to 2d animation but weight balance and twinning is relevant to 3d

12 Appeal, pleasing to look at, interesting and characterful.

So before I add more dolls to my collection I am going to relook and previous films and applied gradually all of the above principles

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