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February 25, 2022

Since graduating and during the pandemic with its restrictions and various lockdowns I have floundered creatively. The shortened dark days thwarted my plans to make films and I didn’t have the urgency to make costumes for the dolls.  Without purpose I seemingly lost my direction somewhat. 

Fortunately, I have been able to take daily walks, when we first went into lock down, I was reluctant to go far but gradually worked up to 10k in a circular route around my neighbourhood and the university campus nearby.  When the restrictions lifted a little, I built up to 17k and I now do a loop that takes in the Thames and Palmer Park. I leave home before the sun rises in darkness and reach the Thames as it begins to get light, and I am back home for breakfast.  During this couple or so hours, I can keep fit, think, and enjoy nature and more able to work for a few hours before lunch after which I read, research, listen to music and explore coming events. 

Nonetheless those dark days and pointless nature of my practice made me feel lost and alone.

Until that is February dawned! The days began to lengthen and with tiny green shoots in the garden and along the foot path, spring seemed not so far away.  As February draws to a close and we are enjoying two more hours of light a day, there is hope.  Especially as we are told this week that the legal requirements for the prevention of COVID and its spread have been lifted.  While, I’m not sure this a good idea I will not rush to remove my mask and stop COVID prevention practices while in public spaces. however, I am looking forward to a bit more freedom.

So, now my diary is beginning to be dotted with some exhibitions and other interesting opportunities.

Beginning this Monday when I will be an artist in residence at The Jelly in Reading for one week.  The Jelly is a charity championing the creative arts in Reading.  It offers artists’ studios, exhibitions, events, workshops, talks and collaborative projects. As I am a recently appointed associate artist, I have been offered this opportunity for one week only.  As a ‘resident’ I will be able to use studio space to exhibit the Coat Hanger Dolls, make films and do other creative projects and with luck meet people from the community.

Needless this is a very welcome opportunity and will report daily with new vigour. 

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