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Pagan New Year … might be what I need

February 4, 2022

January has not been the best month for creative writing or blogging, I just couldn’t get the enthusiasm.  While I couldn’t do any filming because of the poor light due to the weeks of cloudy days, I was able to dress a few dolls and undertake much stitch work while being cosy on those dark days. 

Sadly, writing didn’t happen, I made all sorts of promises and good intentions in the guise of New Year’s resolutions, but they didn’t make it to January 2nd

I did continue to take me daily walk along the Thames each morning and noticing that the sun was rising a little earlier each and by the end of January while my mood remained reticent the days were getting longer.

I was encouraged by a post in Social Media about a pagan ritual in the period between 31st January and 2nd February in the Pagan calendar.  Pagan paganus means country dweller and someone who follows the cycles of the seasons, the moon, and the sun, rather than of being tied to a 24/7 clock that spins relentlessly.   Imbolc or Oimelc is a time that promises winter, either actual or emotional will end and we are able to plan the future.  With the first shoots of spring, we can consider new projects, for instance spring clean our homes, begin a fitness regime, or browse the seed catalogues in order to plan for the spring garden.

So while I have no urgency to start a new project … these Coat Hanger Dolls are tired of standing around in their underwear …

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