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Time for hats …

January 3, 2022

I have alopecia, while my baldness doesn’t bother me, I do get cold and wear lots of different hats.  I have hats for all weathers and occasions. Although I must be careful in windy weather as a gust at the wrong time can have awkward results.

When I began making my ‘dolls I did allow them to have hair, unfortunately the process proved to be more complicated and a little unattractive.  So, I abandoned the idea and the hairless and faceless ‘dolls were born, and they have grown in stature and number.  I didn’t consider hats for them until I made the ‘dolls inspired by the painting called the Waiting by Degas, where the dancer’s chaperone needed a hat. So, I made one with felt using an upturned egg cup as a shape. It was successful but a little oversized and inclined to become misplaced and like me without hair there is no way a hat pin will hold it in place.  So, the hat had to be secured firmly so it didn’t move at an inopportune moment while stop motion filming.

As time has passed, I am thinking that hats might have a useful and dramatic effect in coming films. I have also discovered that champagne corks make perfect sized hat moulds, so my kind neighbours have provided a few corks after recent New Year celebrations so I can be a milliner for a while … please watch this work in progress. 

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