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All about the ‘dolls …

December 11, 2021

I was born and raised on and beside a dirty old tidal river on the south coast of England.  I have written much about the experience. It was difficult, uncomfortable, cold, and often traumatic, sometimes bearable and occasionally joyful. I will not dwell on it here unless required. Nonetheless these memories do have influence on my Coat Hanger Dolls (‘dolls) and their creation.  I am not sure where the idea come from, they seemed to arrive as if from nowhere.  They have never been made from discarded coat hangers; this is just artistic balderdash and a fake nod to recycling and make do and mend.  Yes, they are made with 2mm wire, a little softer that the wire used to make coat hangers. The ‘dolls merely look like coat hangers. A little before Covid and the subsequent lockdown I did learn a little about needle felting and the making of 3 dimensional figures, but it was a very painful venture, also the dolls looked a little neanderthal. When I learned and mastered wet felting, I was able to develop a consistent and pleasing result, in time I devised a cunning way with Velcro to make them stand. 

As a child I made and dressed dolls using discarded mail order catalogues and card from the back of writing pads.  My mother and I were active letter writers so there was always a supply to hand. The card from cornflakes packets was not robust enough for a standing doll. 

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