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Be like Paul Klee …

November 4, 2021

‘Create goals for yourself: play, fool yourself and others, be an artist’ (Paul Klee 1902)

I cannot hope to tread such a hallowed path, my difficulties are no set against violence, abandonment, or radical oppression.

 My outsiderness and the feelings that causes comes from vulnerability, isolation, fear of the unknown and more importantly my aversion to the capitalist and non-democratic inner world.  Therefore, I would consider a kinder or more playful approach like Paul Klee (1979-1940) for instance who cared for his baby son while his wife who was a pianist and gave lessons and performances.  Theirs was a close relationship and while caring and cooking for him they would paint together and play with a puppet theatre.  For this Klee designed and made hand puppets each one quite different from the rest.  (Vry, S. 2011) In this way they both found comfort while at home and waiting for mother to return.

People including children need a platform to express themselves, when this is denied, they will find a way.  Likewise, they need friends and comrades to share concerns, grievances, and joys; if this is thwarted again determination, faith or trust will illuminate the way.  However, if this denial is extended or become violent then the outcome is quite different and often irreparable.  For ten years I was confined with vulnerable role models, and had unfair responsibility, yet, given opportunities and some freedom that other children were denied.  I had no platform, and my boundaries were unclear.   

During lockdown we were separated from our friends and family while we were allowed our digital or virtual platforms, conversations, and relationships on a personal level of any consequence was abolished.  Our boundaries and levels of restriction were mistaken and unclear.  We wanted to hug, dance, pray and sing with friends, learn, and explore.  While we were at risk for ourselves and others and of course the NHS; I for one did find ways to overcome this and turn my 2-dimensional plan to a song and dance act but I am not holding my breath.    

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  1. November 4, 2021 1:50 pm

    Thank you for writing this post.

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