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Silent vibration …

September 10, 2021

As I allow light and shade on my stage, I want to maintain silence; or at least understand the noise and master it.  ‘Silence is all of sound we don’t intend. There is no such thing as absolute silence’ and John Cage says that it is ‘the multiplicity of activity that constantly surrounds us. (Cage, J. 2010) This knowledge gives me permission to allow the silence of the world to permeate my work in a refreshing and creative way. Furthermore, adding sound to stop motion animation is complex and costly.  Early films without the necessary technology were a silent medium so the moving images and the spectacle were more important than the plot.  (Kenny, C. 2011) One more of those comforting thoughts that gives me the opportunity stitch and ‘embroider’ the costumes and allow the audience to use their imagination in the name of art.   

My coat hanger people have no character or life of their own; they are ‘governed by the law of gravity’ (Buchan, S. 2011) until me as the animator gets involved.  I must make them move, perform, and dance and give them soul like a ‘neoplatonic god’ (Buchan, S. 2011) grand words for magic.  Even after the painstaking frame by frame photography it does feel like that.   However, as an animation beginner, movement and animation are in the hands of the gods especially when the action is complex.  For instance, dancing the Flamenco I need to hear the rhythm of the guitar, footsteps and handclaps and castanets in my head; I must become the dancer and immerse myself in the music while the puppet does the mirror action. ‘Unless the operator can transpose himself into the centre of gravity of the marionette. In other words the operator dances’ (Buchan, S. 2011) However, it is the unwanted movement that concerns me; since I have learned more about the Stop Motion Studio Application and its very basic editing features, I am able to eliminate awful intrusions. Stillness, like silence is long lost in the bluster of life.  Movement cannot be eliminated unless we have died and gone to heaven.  No matter how I try I cannot still my beating heart, the wind in the trees or vibration of the train as it rumbles by.  So, while I must learn to dance and maintain a healthy relationship with my camera and editing device, I must allow the vibration of life to carry on. 

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