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is there too much technology?

July 20, 2021

As the lock down and restrictions tightened their grip; I was not able to research fully and going to university less and less likely, I began to despair about my opportunities to learn about doing stop-motion animation.  Having read much about puppets and was beginning to see a divide between puppetry and animation and any research I was discovering that stop-motion animation was a lot about a tabletop with small 3d models or cartoons.  With computer technology, hardware, and software, and more recently apps, animators can manipulate, space, time, and sound with dazzling effects. (Laybourne,K. 1998)  I was at a loss without technology and knowhow I could not hope to dazzle anyone.  Also, I did not want to enter what is described as artistic explosion and produce high-quality high artistry animation; I want to explore the possibilities for the movement of my large 3D dolls, develop my own voice and style as simply as possible.  So, when I did find a book to help me out of the quagmire it was highly technical and not readily accessible to a child of the last century and not fully functional around 21st century technology.  However, all was not lost; there was a chapter on clay, puppet and stop-motion animation which proved to be most helpful and reassuring.  I was at least going down the right path.  More interesting and inspiring was a list of ‘history’s seven leading puppet animators’ most of whom from eastern Europe where there is a longstanding tradition of puppetry (Laybourne, K. 1998) So while the book, a weighty tome may not be the best for my needs at present it did prove to be of some benefit. 

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