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resolution or revolution?

December 31, 2020

Oh dear, it is New Year’s Eve; the last day of a year of immense difficulty and helplessness. We hear today that another vaccine has been approved and ‘rolled out’ but it still looks as if spring is a long time coming.  I haven’t been to a New Year’s Eve party in decades; seeing the new year in with Jules Holland at home on the TV has become a family tradition, that, and lots of champagne. I am wondering if that too has been cancelled, as so many live events this year haven’t happened. If so it will seem, albeit a little melodramatic, like the last straw.

So, with that I must be truly grateful that my family, friends and I have remained safe and that with the vaccine things will get better.  Not back to normal or as it was, for me that will not happen. I cannot afford to lose time, so I am making wishes, making changes, allowing myself to find ways to realise new invention within and without the digital development and fulfil my dreams. Is that resolution or revolution?

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