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rethinking Natalia Goncharova…

December 16, 2020

Very excited to be looking back at Natalia Goncharova, who I researched a little when I began to be a printmaker.  I was able to see her recent exhibition in the UK at the Tate Modern. It was be just before I began my MA in Textiles; so not looking at the collection this time as a printer but as Textile Artist.  However, even then I was not considering theatre and costume design although the display was as Jane Pritchard (2019) said ‘simply fabulous’ and goes on to say ‘Goncharova is recognised today as one of the giants of twentieth-century theatre design as well as  a major artist.

As I consider my work in stop motion and costumes for my coat hanger people, I will be looking more closely at this catalogue at least.

Gale, M. and Sidlina, N. (2019) Natalia Goncharova. Harry N. Abrams.

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