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Sketch Book …

November 14, 2020

For my MA a sketch book is required.  I am sure there a good reason for this; as it is my usual practice it wasn’t a problem or a reason to question.  I use many types of books; for me there is not one type that suites all situations.  I am sure on the day of reckoning I will have to make some tough decisions as to which one suits the occasion. Nonetheless, I will continue to sketch and today as I anticipate another day of confinement due to Covid 19 and the inclement weather I will begin work on my next back drop. 

I plan to make three and have finished one already; called Looking out looking in.  It is a view of a front door and a window and a rather sad tree; representing my confinement during lockdown the door and window acts like a mask; as a feeble protection.

The second is a hedge that serves as haven for birds and insects and disguises the walls beyond.  So, my pretty hedge has become as forbidding as any mask.

The last one is called A Banner; protesting or grumbling it seems is not an option as ‘we are all in the same boat.’ I want to grumble; vent my feelings. The banner is not a door or hedge it is a silent song and much like one hand clapping. 

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