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Saturday’s very short story …

May 30, 2020

I have talked much about my shopping exploits as a child in previous posts.  So, today’s very short story is it in a nutshell.  Writing with a needle and thread does have the uncanny knack of making me succinct.

As you know I am teaching myself stop motion animation; now there’s a thing.  To make a 30 second film takes hours of work.  They are not ready for human consumption yet as the ‘work’ goes.  Now, I am working out the sound effects and I have a cunning plan but like Baldrick’s less cunning more foolhardy. So, I feel there will be tears before supper.  Stage sets too are a bit of a mess and I am trying to work out ways to project a backdrop.  However, this is a step too far along the technical road, yet.

Enough of me … have a good day.

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