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Very short story Saturday …

May 16, 2020

‘ … down at the water’s edge Wassa stoops and with a stick of drift wood that she had gathered during the morning, she …’

While thinking about my short-animated films, I have to consider a narrative. The easy option would be background music, spoken word or sounds, none without cost and or expertise and I am without both at the moment.

Nonetheless, a story is vital I can draw on my own experience not of course directly, remember these are fairy tales and I ain’t no nymph (bad grammar intended) with magic dust and all that. Trouble is they must be short, and I don’t do short.

Unless of course I am sewing then the words must be succinct or I would be sewing all night and need several bed sheets.

One of my jobs as a child was collecting drift wood to burn on the fire, It was a little adventure or it had to made it so.  It was an endless and thankless task in all weathers.  I never knew what I would find next.


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