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Its not a start it is continuation …

April 2, 2019

In a few months I will doing something I could only dream about in 1966.  I am going to art college!  I applied, was interviewed and offered a place very early this year.  I didn’t believe it, so much so that I suppressed the thoughts totally; the dream was so much more comfortable. Becoming a nightmare as the depression kicked in and me now taking medication.  During this time, I made a scrap book from cuttings, drawings, essays and poems, illustrating my so called ‘unfulfilled’ previous 50+ years.  It wasn’t until I started writing down and recording my life that discovered that I am an artist already ….  Doing a MA will be another step on a very rich and full life and will not take away my joy.  So, while I manage medication and depression I will look back over the last years and share the advantages thus far For example …. Watch this space.

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