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I’ve been thinking …

September 25, 2018

I have been thinking; and the thoughts have become overwhelming and writing them sometimes helps to tease out the facts from the fiction.

While discussing my creative problems with a friend he suggested I did a BA; saying he as a mature student found the course helped him look towards a career path.

For me, a lot older saw my age as a concern, but soon disregarded that along with travelling as Reading is very close to London and south east where there are plenty of good Universities.

Then the reason why I should spend what might be as much as 30 thousand pounds and three years to ‘undo’ my creative problems.

I don’t need to fill my time and learning at my age is that so necessary?  It is not about a career or even making money. Is it the above-mentioned peer pressure? Is a BA vital for an artist?  Not for a hobbyist perhaps? I am a serious artist, it is my way of life.  Will doing a degree focus my way of working or cramp my style?

I am hoping it will develop my style and validate my practice as varied as it is and give me a platform of my own.

So, having established my reasons then which course? Art; yes.  Fine art might give me gravitas in the local art community.  Printmaking, book design might be too specialised, then there is textiles, looks nice and my favoured one but might be too craft related.

Having, decided I would like to do a course, I am not sure which one and takes me back to the first discussions and my diverse approach to art, from mark making, drawing, structural pieces, poetry, wood engraving, other printmaking, ceramics, embroidery, tapestry etc. and the ways I can exhibit, be a serious artist not a hobbyist or doing ‘handicrafts’.

The thoughts go on … not expecting any answers …

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  1. Geoff permalink
    September 25, 2018 10:00 am

    ‘H’, here are my thoughts, not that they are from any sound base. The BA will give you two letters after your name, it will be (as you say) a lot of pennies and, you will have gained a lot of new knowledge. At the end of it, you will still be Bald, Beautiful and Ballsy, the ‘H’ we all now. You have a style that you have developed, and are happy with. Validity is what you make of it, are you doing this for yourself or to please others. If you enjoy your ‘art’ that is brilliant, others will want a piece of your creativity if they enjoy it too!
    If you want financial reward, make what people are buying but this may cramp your style.

    An ‘artist’ that I have followed, changed his style of painting, because that’s what he wanted to do. People questioned this but he has found new followers that like his new style.

    So, what I think I’m saying is, be the person you are. Try not to put yourself in a box that you think people might identify you by, BA or not.

  2. September 30, 2018 5:15 pm

    At 74 I did just that, and signed up to the ‘Open University’ from where, six year later, I graduated with a BA(Hons); an older, wiser and deeply satisfied octogenarian. Go for it and enjoy every exploratory moment.

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