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Is that Art … ?

April 23, 2018

I have been a full-time artist for a year; it has taken all that time for my dream to become less than a project and more a very nice way of life.  However, there are issues and some reamain a work in progress.

While I am an experimental artist and a good finisher and have a rich portfolio of work is not everyone’s cup of tea. But art is not always comfortable and it doesn’t always fill the requirements of curators of exhibitions.

My illustrated ceramic pots cannot be fastened to the wall, my embroideries are too large or simply don’t fit. My tapestries not seen as art.  My wood engravings are eyed with suspicion; how can one of an edition of twenty be ‘original’?

Fortunately, I am finding may way through the maize and accepting that not everyone will want a bike hanging on the wall over their fireplace albeit nicely ‘tapestried’ and have a nice poem (or haiku) is that poetry?

Recycled bike frame

Fixed in a mountain scene

Woven coloured thread.

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