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Half-Term with RGA at the Reading Museum

February 6, 2018


I am an exhibiting member of the Reading Guild of Artists and we have been asked to do a Pop Up in the Reading Museum during the half term holidays; next week.  While the museum will be show casing their Medieval collections and new extension, we have been allocated a spacious gallery where we can share our experiences as artists, with families as they take in the other sights.   We have organised workshops and demonstrations with a Medieval theme throughout the week.

We are all pleased to have this opportunity to share,  as artists we spend much time alone, exhibiting is good but to extend our knowledge is the best.  I, value the opportunity to share,  for one learned my craft at home with my parents, a creative and practical pair who taught me to make something lovely from the ordinary to cover a stain on the wall, to cheer me when I was sad or release anger.

So, I will be there next week with a well-stocked work box, coloured pencils and paper and some surprises…

Also, I will be showing some work that has not been seen in public yet … so it will I hope be an exciting week.

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