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Its Christmas … so?

December 24, 2017

Life at No.5 has been uppsy downsy, for someone who abhors the use of vague or frilly terms to describe illness and particularly mental illness; it means I am trying to face it. Christmas, I mean, that is what we do; be merry, happy and full of good cheer or be damned.

Believe me I try, but today with the person I love the most (her siblings are OK with this) is on the other side of the world, nursing her own ups and downs.

Throughout the year we conduct our lives like any other family home or abroad, my situation is not unique, families are dispersed and I am sure suffer as I do.

So today after a couple of other emotional upheavals (another useful euphemism in festival time) I will be in a pit and my love and good wishes go to those who try but fall short of merriness.

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