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Dodgy Autoimmune system or not?

September 18, 2017

I studied what was called Domestic Science in 1966 at college for two years, when I decided not to be a shorthand typist and being an artist was not an option.  Later, I learned that too was not a good choice for me either; working conditions and unsocial hours where unattractive.  So I became an accounts clerk while the job was tedious at the time, the  pay was better and as time passed so the opportunities became more desirable.

However, cooking, food and nutrition always has been of interest and with a growing family it proved to be not  only a healthy interest but economically sound.  

Since, I have what my GP calls a dodgy autoimmune system; my diet is my life force and that ain’t melodrama!

There are foods I simply cannot eat and some I prefer not to.  Daily thought is paramount and thanks to a long suffering husband of 35 years this has never proved a problem at home and even out and about difficulties can be avoided.

It is no good pretending that I will get better and with age; I must improve my control and be less reliant on others.  I am unable to to tolerate dairy products and choose not to eat meat and fish. I don’t call myself a vegetarian or vegan as I am  an advocate of Doc Martens and use other animal products.

But that aside I am also a  Coeliac  unable to digest gluten; so already I am restricted. Or I was until I started baking for myself, and now I can begin planning meals for myself not reliant on expensive, poor quality so called ‘free from’ Yes! It was pleasing to see them come into supermarket; albeit squeezed to three shelves; but they are mostly horrible.  Eating out too is difficult; why is it so hard for restaurateurs  to do gluten and dairy free in the same dish?

Having said all that; I am not holding my breath; these funny looking walnut and apple clusters took and age and a lot of swearing …

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