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Let us try Camus …

September 13, 2017

Tomorrow, I return to work after a holiday of a lifetime.  It began just as a celebration of my daughter’s overdue visit to the UK. Since my retirement, I have been working hard, although happily, a complete month off seemed like a good idea.  Putting my tools and art equipment away proved to be the perfect decision.  

We had the most wonderful time, we did meditation and yoga, we tried new recipes for gluten free and vegan dishes, which included bread, cake, we made almond milk and new breakfast cereals. Celebrated tea, We wrote poetry, embroidered, set letterpress, cut lino and printed and drew some lovely work, We gardened, walked miles, took a barge along the Thames.  Took a train to Edinburgh, did the festivals, went to a wedding. Had tea at Fortnum and Mason and bought two hats! We had a picnic with wine in the park.  While she met friends, I took time to meet a friend met on FB.  We shopped until we dropped on more than one occasion.  I enjoyed ‘her’ hairdressing appointment.  We visited art galleries and museums. We spent some super fun days with her brother, sister and nephews.  Most days were unplanned, rising with the sun and finishing tired and happy at dusk when we did a crossword before supper!

This morning, after a tiresome day of packing, we had a tearful parting and I return to a quiet house with 5 kilos of stuff that had to removed from overfilled cases.

As I speak she still has a few more hours before getting to Rio, where she will struggle alone with the said heaving bags!

However, we are quietly hopeful about our futures, and take strength from  a quote by Albert Camus … that we printed during our retreat from the daily routine.  

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