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Guilty as charged …

April 15, 2017

Since returning from Brazil last summer and dealing with some personal struggles; I have conducted my life as best I could. Anyone, who knows about depression; there is conducting: as in conducting an unruly crowd on a bus, there is conducting an orchestra of musicians all with one eye on the baton and then there’s the herd of cats!

So while not making light of depression or those suffering from other horrible conditions; from one day to the next I’m not sure where I am in the realm of ‘herding cats’, and being home having more time to consider may or not help. Like I said, at best I have coped and life goes on.  However, during that time I have been ‘altering’ a book; now as library assistant such an act is a hanging offence; so it something I haven’t spoken too much about.  Also, in the light of the above mentioned muddled condition it doesn’t always have attractive results … or those that can be shared.  So while time has gone on; pages remain unfinished and others dark and melancholic; I delight in some light and shapes that simply need a hymn of progress …

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  1. April 17, 2017 2:22 pm

    Confession can be constructive and a step towards the positive.

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