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Stage fright …

March 21, 2017

Life in the realm of nelabligh has been mixed for the last few months; just the normal ups and downs; not helped by the recent political unrest.  During, this time I have given notice and plan to retire from the library in a few weeks. This, is of course is among the ups and I am very excited; I have been planning this for a couple of years and my art studio is ready and waiting.  However, as the time gets closer the feeling of dread at times has become overwhelming. The reasons for this is unclear and is not helped by the fact that I have also become afraid  of performing or being an artist. This is a real shame as it was and remains a dream and I enjoy the practice, the play the experimentation, I am good at it.  I have a fine portfolio and wonderful back catalogue; I just fear the performance, the exhibitions, the framing, the finishing and the show!  

I do suffer from depression, so these fears are not unknown; but this time I am at a loss as to overcome  them , taking the line of least resistance is not an option … I have come a long way and like I say, the studio waits but I am afraid … as my friends and colleagues are preparing for the summer shows and I am having panic attacks and making bookmarks  … They are lovely and been a good opportunity to practice setting type; but not going to rock any boats.


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