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In the Garden …

November 29, 2016

quinceI have a beautiful garden. For nearly 30 years I have lovingly tended it; planting anything that will cope with semi shade and those that will attract wildlife. It has been mostly successful, although I grumble at the pigeons, neighbour’s cats and a pesky squirrel.

I sit for many hours even after dark with a little brazier  enjoying the peace and quiet.

This weekend I bought some bare rooted hedging and a little quince tree.  The hedging will fill a few gaps and attract a few more birds and the quince is loved by bees I believe; but I just love the fruit and already looking forward to harvesting them next autumn.  I am now looking out for a crab apple to plant along side; it might be  a bit of a squeeze … but I will find space.  

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  1. December 24, 2016 4:03 pm

    Where have you gone? I am SO 😥 sad.

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