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Ends and new beginnings …

November 7, 2016

Away from blogland for a while. I return after a few weeks of ups and downs, celebrations and deliberations that have left me or not.  Who am I to dare to suggest that life should return to normal or whatever normal is.  So, after a little break from my full-time employment I have ‘enjoyed’ 5 days of facing the above mentioned phenomena; which has had mixed results.

One day I spent the day sightseeing in London and the evening at the Palladium with Grayson Perry.  The next day I returned to London for the Small Publishers’ Fair at Conway Hall.  Following that, I spent Saturday at a Private View of my joint art exhibition at a local art gallery.  Then, Sunday morning I spent helping to set up another exhibition; my work and others in the corridors of a nearby hospital. Today, I am meeting a colleague at the University to talk through the ways I which I can begin using my press,  although I have made some inroads, it is like going into the lion’s den so I need some tuition.  

It has been a full and exciting time and underlines the previous time of difficulties and achievement and catapults me into an ocean of unknown … this image not perfect ; represents the flaws and difficulties of life and the jewels and shape of fulfillment and future …   


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