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Today at the Rising Sun Arts Centre

October 8, 2016

teapotatseaToday I launch my book.  I cannot remember when I began to ‘write’ it but it must have been over a year ago.  Although, it was my intention to make several copies; I didn’t think it through very well and the finished result is not as I hoped.

However, as the ‘mistakes’ accumulated so I learned that future books would be created more thoughtfully.

So while this book was having to make do with alternative production, plans for my next work were being made.

On Sunday after long searching and then a thorough overhaul I take possession of a printing press.  For a year I have been preparing to make booklets; having lessons, workshops and even attended writing classes.

Monday I begin life as a printer.

Meanwhile, this weekend at the Rising Sun Art Centre I have an exhibition of one off booklets I have made without the use of a press and launch my book; albeit 12 copies  

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  1. October 8, 2016 11:08 am

    How exciting! good luck with the printing!

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