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September 26, 2016
Poem by Tara Lemmey

Poem by Tara Lemmey

I was sent this poem last week from Letterpress Collective;it arrived at an opportune time in the upsy-downsy land of nelabligh. So I with new hope I returned to screen printing.  After a disastrous start I tried again this weekend; I replaced some of the tools, but reused the paper used in the aborted attempt. Of course with a new and improved frame the registration was completely array.   Nonetheless, the technique was much improved, so while not aesthetically pleasing. I am happy to say the ink and squeegee action was perfected and the result a delight; but not available for human consumption. So those who dragged me from the pit of despair a couple of weeks back, I thank and will post something suitable as the next layers are added.  

Meanwhile, in the nelablighnopress the print room is taking shape.  The fount required has all now been located and bought; I await delivery of the final set this week. An imposing stone is on its way, the press to arrive in early October.  All other tools have been acquired while there are some bits and bobs to consider; the next big outlay is the ink; I have made inquiries about the the value of rubber and oil based ink and the various brands but have not yet made any decisions. Going to a workshop at St Bride’s Foundation this week,  where I will be taught the use of a  8×5 Adana so I am sure I will be given sound advice one way or the other and the debate will continue.  

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  1. September 26, 2016 12:44 pm

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