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The view from my window …

September 17, 2016

From my study window, I can see a garage where motorbikes are repaired.  It is not in constant use; I rarely see human life or a bike, so it is of little interest. Yet, it does hold my attention; for reasons I don’t care to mention, how can I explain how such an ugly building can be so distracting.  It has no windows, just double doors only seen when I walk by, at the front.  

The roof recently repaired has no redeeming features; except a plant creeping along at the corner. It is a Russian Vine or better known as a mile-a-minute plant, so named because of its vigorous growing habit.  Despite is its alarming growth, it is attractive with bright green foliage and lacy white flowers.  Directly opposite the plant is a flag, white and emblazoned with the Saint George Cross … it is a very big, a little out of place and adds to my distraction when I supposed to be doing other things.

I have written a poem about this situation and as it involves the vine smothering the flag, very soon, I don’t think I will post that.

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