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At the weekend I …

September 5, 2016

Oh dear! A bit of a disaster this weekend on my further adventures as a printmaker.  While I have been working on the letterpress side of my industry I have neglected my other pursuits.  I am able to do relief printing, and other intaglio methods; but, screen printing still needs to be perfected. Perhaps, not yet perfect but at least beyond the bounds of ‘ had a few lessons’.Yellow

So after gathering a few tools I began this weekend … I set up the table; made a stencil which incidentally was a mistake; first, it was a unnecessary detail for a first attempt. However, at the point of no return I stuck with it, or rather didn’t stick with it,  the bits kept falling off. This begs my first question can I use glue on the mesh to ensure the stencil remains secure? Or perhaps do the stencils in a different order; the background last rather than first?

This all became unimportant as I drew the ink across the screen, the squeegee was very bendy and the screen had no ping. So when I lifted the frame that was hinged at the top, the paper stuck and when I gently pulled it off; it came away with a horrible squelchy sound.  

The result was dreadful.  

I am reluctant to blame the tools ; but they were very cheap.  As a print maker I have always bought the best tools I could afford but thought I could wing it this time with economic cuts.

… I have this morning already ordered better quality tools and will be back having ago at the weekend.

I would value any thoughts as regards paper stencils; I don’t have the facilities for complicated digital methods but do want to get a good well registered piece and when I have gained confidence … play a bit.   

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  1. Jane permalink
    September 5, 2016 2:46 pm

    Hi, you could try using freezer paper for your stencil. It can be temporarily ironed to your fabric so that it doesn’t move around

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