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Its Saturday again!

September 3, 2016

matrixThis week has been good,I bought a couple more things for nelabligh at nopress. While I have not taken possession of my press yet and still unaware of lead times, I take joy in considering other tools required.  Nonetheless each item takes much thought and discussion with myself mostly but others close at hand are subject to my painful decision making.  The whys and wherefores of a photopolymer plate and imposing stone; who would not want one of those? During this time another useful little table found its way into my dining room … my long suffering other half has long since given up  understanding the requirements of a woman on a mission.

So after last week’s short falls I have gathered strength and ready to fulfill the deficits that upset the apple cart.

Today, I am going to Whittington Press Presstival; with a shopping list, while I might not meet all the requirements; I am looking forward to the trip.

Whittington Press, Whittingham Court is near Cheltenham; little over an hour away and promises an afternoon of joy looking at some working presses from USA, France and Germany.  There will be an informal exhibition of working including copies of Venice, its latest title and pages of Matrix 34; which I am particularly interested in, as we have previous copies in the library and they are  lovely.  There will I hope be some demonstrations and I know there will be some hand-made papers, printed wall papers, books and ephemera, along with some equipment and type for sale.  What more could I ask for? Oh, yes and nearby there will be a village fete and maybe a beer for the ‘long suffering’ one before I drive home again.   

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