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That was a happy holiday that was …

August 30, 2016

Yellow flowerOh dear,  I had so much planned for this extended bank holiday weekend.  After a few weeks of workshops and courses,I decided to stay at home and finish a few tasks and practice a some new found skills. The only date, was one with my brother who has recently returned home from hospital after the lower part of his left leg amputated.

So with a full 4 days  of ‘work’ planned I began on Friday morning, a couple of hours in, I found myself not being creative.   The the joys of being at home with some music, a couple of books and tea was far more inviting.

When I did attempt to set some letterpress in  chase, I failed when I discovered I didn’t have enough spacing; I found writing yet another shopping list, a delight and vital if I do want to continue printing as I hoped.

I did manage to finish some tasks but again once that was done; being down the garden enjoying the joys of my previous hard work was far more rewarding.  

The highlight of the weekend was being with my brother, finding  him not yet recovered but very positive about future and looking forward to returning to the activities he had enjoyed before and bravely more beside.  

So while I bemoan my lack of hair and motivation, he boosted me ; not back to sped but to enjoy the break.  While I am not inclined towards being busy at the moment;  in  a week or two, there will be no choices. More courses, exhibitions and shopping lists to be fulfilled.  

So back to tea and Steven King  and a happy holiday.  

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