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a humble Namaste …

August 13, 2016

for PaulComing back from Brazil didn’t work out as planned … ideas and dreams didn’t materialise as I hoped. Funny that; why didn’t I suspect? How can we? I, for one am aware of impermanence but that is what we read in books. It ain’t real?

During our stay and the weeks before, my daughter and her dear partner decided to separate. No matter how amicable we try to  be there is always a sore place and we found ourselves there from time to time, struggling in a muddle of blame, guilt and shame. However, it didn’t spoil our holiday; family get-togethers are never perfect events … but families are human far from perfect.  We survived, the hurt remains and this affects us more deeply now we are home and no longer able to give them both a hug.   

During our holiday we were given another blow below the belt.  My only brother was involved in a road accident and as a result had a lower leg amputated. This was horrible as it is only 2 years since my daughter and partner were hit by a car and had badly broken legs. This was terrible for us but for my brother a tragedy a huge shock … I won’t dwell on this as he is recovering well; a brave man coping admirably although I understand the darkness at times is beyond compare.  

These past events, more importantly those with my brother have affected me and my sisters differently … for me my hair fell as it does in times of real despair so as I sit here clutching my spiky remains bemoaning my lack of motivation on the blogging front and he …

Leaves hospital on crutches to face the world seemingly so cruel; I send love to those who really do have a right to be at a loss … yet go on to be braver, more courageous and better beings … namaste

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  1. August 14, 2016 8:11 am

    My late husband was only twenty-six when the pedestrian victim of a drunk-driver. It resulted in an above knee amputation of his left leg, and twenty-two surgical procedures over the following two years to reconstruct what was left of his right. Nevertheless, already a qualified aeronautical engineer, he became an eminent ophthalmologist in the years that followed.

    I hope your brother makes a successful recovery. It will take time, courage and determination, but I’m sure he possesses the last two attributes so, as long as he has love and support he will be fine.

    • August 14, 2016 8:56 am

      Oh dear, this does give me hope .. my brother is an engineer .. and very brave … thank you for this kind encouragement …

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