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August 1, 2016

Derek JarmanI have been back in UK for a week now. As, I anticipated my return I hoped that I might find some eagerness to return to regularly posting. Perhaps, I did; I have posted most days but to different blogs so maybe that amounts to the same.  I should not then feel so badly.  

On the plus side I have continued to read while my creativity levels have not yet risen. That might have some positive effect on my writing skills at least. So I live in hope.

This week I have been reading a book by Derek Jarman called Chroma ; a book of colour – June ‘93 I am enjoying so much I have bought a second copy to give as a gift.  I am not able to give reasons for my delight … just quote this poem that it says it all


Brilliant, gorgeous, painted, gay,

Vivid, flaunting, tearaway,

Glowing, flaring, lurid, loud,

Screaming shrieking, marching, proud,

Mellow, matching, deep and sombre,

Pastel, sober, dead and dull,

Constant, colourful, chromatic,

Party-coloured and prismatic,

Kaleidoscope, variegated,

Tattooed, dyed, illuminated,

Daub and scumble, dip and dye,

High-keyed colour, colour lie.

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