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Away from Blogging for a while …

July 25, 2016

bubblyI have been away for the last 3 weeks and not inclined to spend time not enjoying my holiday;  and for a time leading to  this event I have been distracted my blog and regular posting.  As you know I go to Rio this time of year  to visit my daughter and although it is bus, I do usually enjoy continuing to post daily to my blog.  It was at times difficult; while there was endless super subject matter the internet connection was  often unreliable, nonetheless it didn’t spoil the holiday and I was happy.  

This year somehow the need to post daily was not so great even as the new year began and began our plans to visit Brazil, then with my health problems; blogging was seemingly less important.

So life went on and we went to Rio.

Sadly, with some serious family issues at home and Rio, blogging again a didn’t seem like a major priority; so on the back burner already it seem correct to shelve if a while.  

This proved to be a welcome decision … instead of looking around for opportunities to snapshot and share, I rested and reflected on the here and now.  Not looking at the big picture; but glimpses we had missed previous years.  So while we did explore and enjoy the holiday, it was more about soothing, celebrating  and reminding ourselves of the last 5 years, watching not the Christ, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana, Ipanema, coffee shops and cafes, but the sunrises, sunsets, cool breezes, hot breathes, aches and joys. We did some mending of wounds and celebrating separation and impermanence; deadly lessons but also beautiful acceptance that I thought I had dealt with 5 years ago and is now a fait accompli but not with longing and despair but of anticipation and new beginnings for us all.  

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