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A plea for helpful advice … on Thursday

May 26, 2016

This week I fulfilled a dream and another step towards creating a book manually on a printing press. On Monday I went to Leicester and learned how to set type on eight pages. This was enough to make a small booklet.  It was a wonderful experience and I came away with great hopes and the makings of a little book.  Sadly, it would seem I wouldn’t be able to replicate the day without lots of tools and a press. The tools while not particularly expensive are unique to the practice and hard to get hold of.

Also …. What do I know about it? One day in and I am green!

Then, there is the press, again, not difficult to find, but expensive and also they are monsters.  The likelihood of me finding any of the above was and remains unlikely. 

So my dream is on hold. However, all is not lost, I have already secured the use of an Albion Press and studio time, it is without tools so I will have to find some supplies. Not so easy with my lack of knowledge; but I will go softly softly with a shopping list on Ebay.

I have  also joined a couple of ‘societies’ and will look at  the ‘for sale’ ads on members pages etc.

I do have a random selection of letterpress that will give me a start and I am a print maker so can engrave my own type high blocks.  

So I remain hopeful and send good wishes.

For a couple of chases, a composing stick, a type-high gauge, furniture, quoins and a key and anything else I might need.

I do have funds so not begging; more asking for helpful advice so I don’t waste money!



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