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Bit of fun before breakfast

May 21, 2016

typehighIt has been a busy week so my ‘studio’ is a bit of a mess.  So while I would like to prepare for my day in Leicester on Monday there are other things to do. So quickly before breakfast I have drawn and cut some type high lino.  I didn’t intend to spend too long and it did feel like fun. The blocks are quite robust like ‘real wood’ that I use to engrave but of course the surface and cutting quality is quite different. The lino is generous and allows for some freedom; wood on the other hand is a hard task master … doesn’t suffer fools.

However, it will be good to see the difference while printing both with letterpress on a printing press.  After breakfast I hope to proof this little bits of fun; and return to some tidying that will take me to elevenses … Have a good day


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  1. Kinda Bexy permalink
    May 21, 2016 8:34 am

    I love those stamps. What a good way to start the day, being creative and having fun. Here in Wales the outside is dull and rain is forecast, so I’ve been pondering finishing my oil painting of a rainbow scene full of flowers.

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