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Book Making …

May 9, 2016

For the last few weeks, more, months I have agonised over my next step (s) as an artist and in particular as an illustrator/writer. It has been very trying and there have been some sleepless nights and subsequent wasted days.  

However, while the outcome is not yet decided I have made some small breakthroughs ….

I sigh thankfully; although this is not without help from other quarters.  More gratitude!

I began writing and illustrating a book with no knowledge about the implications of such an endeavour even the most simple tasks have to be carefully thought through … some say backwards so that every aspect is considered

I muddled through like the proverbial bull with the finished article in sight I had no idea or vision that it should be reproduced; it was to be one book.

Although I did scan each page for no particular reason.

When it was finished and after all that effort I did want to share it. This is when the other decisions came into play and the obstructions caused by my lack of planning in the beginning.

Then there were the aesthetic qualities that had been my main reasons for the one book. They would be lost in reproduction.  Its handmade-ness was what I loved and wanted to keep. Then there were the handmade flaws that could not be corrected with ‘electronica’ and would remain  like unsightly carbuncles in horrible heap of unwanted books.

So I did have the book copied and’ it’ remains lovely the copies are flawed but OK.

So some decisions beg to be made before I begin another book. However, not before I explore the possibilities of making multiple copies using manual tools or  rather using a printing press. By using my type high wood blocks, letterpress and lino cuts adapted to type high in a frame I can make pages and bind them myself.  Thus each page has the right degree of handmade-ness and and correctness in balance … if that is possible?

So with that it mind I have experimented with sheet of paper printed with some letterpress that I had previously discarded from a another project; making a simple origami binding.  After a couple of hours I had a very nice poetry book …

And since train tickets to Leicester in hand for another part of my wondrous journey.

So until the fat lady sings … no decisions just some more tentative steps.






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  1. reyreb permalink
    May 9, 2016 12:30 pm

    Look forward to seeing one!

  2. September 26, 2016 9:21 am

    very interesting!

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