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Thank You Badger Press …

April 25, 2016

Its Monday after a successful weekend at Badger Press doing a wood engraving workshop. None of my previous doubts and fears were founded. I will not make any great shakes as a wood engraver but that was never in doubt; hand on heart I have no regrets.

However, I will continue to enjoy all the other aspects of being an artist … those that not only bolster fear but weigh it out 100% … the joy of learning, relief of completion, companionship, like-mindedness, diversity, womanly warmth, laughter, connection, energy and beautiful exhaustion. Need I say more? … Oh yes, in between the enforced tea drinking we enjoyed some glorious work breaks!



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  1. April 25, 2016 10:35 am

    Beautiful wood engraving work, and I love the inclusion of “womanly warmth” in the list!

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