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Looking for a Tea Shop …

April 13, 2016
Tea and cake

Tea and cake

In a bid to discover the whereabouts of local independent cafes on Reading I have decided to get out about to find them. I help to run a little tea shop and exhibition space and intrigued to know how others face the public with all their diversities and create a welcoming space.

My Cafe is not to make profit but there are still issues as regards customer care and health and safety that have be considered as well. So I am hoping that my endeavours over the summer will prove helpful and fun!

So this weekend I set off and found a very pretty cafe, tea and gluten free cakes as coeliac I find this a nice combination. Sadly, it went downhill after that. I ventured in and stood a queue behind a couple,  who were buying drinks before they sat down, noticing me and the only vacant seat she instructed her husband in no uncertain times to pay while she ‘grabbed’ a seat (her terms) she went on to throw her bags on to the settee that would have seated at least 4 people.

I turned round and walked out; shot myself in the foot? Perhaps. I instead returned to a familiar haunt (not independent) but guaranteed a friendly welcome, reasonable tea and a perfectly adequate range of gluten free cakes.

I was not ready to share a table even if I was invited to sit with bossy woman … I have have much to learn.

for example the last person through your door is as important as the first … the welcoming attitude comes before grabbing money and seats.


A poem

The Cafe Warrior

With pad and pencil

And a thirst

For a cup of tea and cake?

First line of her novel?


Just somewhere to sit.













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