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At the Yellow Teapot Cafe …

March 17, 2016

On Saturday last, I began my journey as a tea maker, author and artist in the Yellow Teapot Cafe; where we had a small exhibition and meeting space during the Open Day at the Rising Sun Art Centre.  Beside a fire, we welcomed those who were coming and going to the taster workshops that happened throughout the day.  It was a busy, noisy delight but not conducive to talk of art and the finer things of life.

I served mostly green tea and a little white, alongside normal teas, coffee and cake, by other volunteers. Later, alcohol was offered with the musical entertainment that went on into the night.

I was able to present my newly written book more quietly at a Poetry Reading session that proved most successful.

It wasn’t the best way to start my new venture as it was much going on; but it happened, with some lessons learned.

Now I am able to take stock and work out ways I can go forward to print my book and sell it.



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