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Saturday … At the Rising Sun

March 12, 2016

Today, I have looked  forward to for weeks; even before I knew about the Rising Sun Art Centre’s Open Day.  I have dreamt about a day, when I began planning and creating my little book that I would be able to show it to a wider audience.  So the coming together of these two events is very fortuitous.  

However, the day is not about me or my book; it is the day when the Rising Sun Art Centre can celebrate and show what facilities they can share with the families of the local community and have been doing for a very long time.  Starting at 11am there will an exhibition, workshops, an art auction and a cabaret into the night.  It will be a fun packed day. I will be working in the Yellow Teapot Cafe and exhibition space serving some Chinese tea, and later presenting my book and poem at a poetry workshop.

My journey does not finish here, although my book or rather manuscript is very nice, it has come as far as I can take it. I would like to have it made into a printed book so I can sell a few copies. This of course requires funding but more important someone to see beyond the paper, printing, poem and string; and that is the difficult part. Not the funding, but the constructive element is testing.

Nonetheless as mark of my small triumph I have written a haiku and send good wishes to those who have helped me thus far and those might might consider helping in the future.


Words and pictures done

To bind fine hand made paper

Scarlet knot tied.




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