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Monday and the dreaded list …

March 7, 2016

It is Monday and the beginning of a busy week; as usual  I am squeezing 2 pints into half pint pot. However, this busy-ness can be liberating, especially if it results in some tasks crossed of the ever growing list.

This afternoon I am meeting a friend, to chat and to share a poetry recital; not a chore, of course but somehow if these occasions are not ‘listed’ they too remain undone.

Then, this coming Saturday we have a Open Day at the Rising Sun Art Centre here in Reading. I am a new volunteer and have lots of ideas and tasks to do (on the list) These very noble contributions to the day are not necessarily practically compatible or even on the agenda.  So while part of me wants to be a social dynamo, the bigger part would rather I left it to the experts and I died quietly in the corner.

I am going to present my poem and the draft of my book at some point in the procedures, and the book has not yet been bound.  So still on the list.  I have never given such a performance in public,  before so while I have been working on the project for weeks and the story is imprinted on my mind; I am potentially over prepared; yet my heart sinks as I think about it, and would prefer to strike from the list now.

Then there is my plan to serve a selection of Chinese tea. Over the last few weeks I have been learning from the experts the best way to do this and again I am well prepared. Yesterday afternoon I was practicing with my new kettle (crossed of the list last Monday) with various teas and again I see no flaw in my delivery.  Yet again, the fear is resounding and I begin to doubt myself and consider throwing the list in the bin.

Item no 10 ‘Sort out items for the Exhibition’  I have a perfectly adequate selection of works to grace any wall, that need mounting and framing. Oh dear! then the coat from the dry cleaners all before lunch!

Oh if only I had taken up cake baking or rather just eating it!




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