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Saturday …

February 13, 2016

yellowteapotSaturday; I should be resting; but  my week is divided pretty much in two. I feel the next 3 days are another week; when I do as much as I have the previous 4 days. Certainly, today has that sort of feel about it and it has barely begun having only had a few cups of white tea. Although, to be fair, even though today’s ‘tasks’ are unpaid they are preferable to the paid alternative.  

So today, it is art class, where we will be learning some more simple book making skills,  until noon; when our tea shop and exhibition space is open.  Today we will be showing some local artists’ works and serving pu’erh tea as a special.

Then, as the afternoon progresses I am meeting a colleague for afternoon tea;  Earl Grey I think, when we will discuss my learning the art of poetry.

So all in all a good way not to earn a living and I hope that my progression towards being a poet will be as comfortable as the making of tea!

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  1. February 13, 2016 8:22 am

    I feel exactly the same, only with art!

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