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Its Saturday …

January 16, 2016

ladySo the year begins, with my regular fortnightly Friday art class.. This session was called Monochrome Heads we were expected to make portraits using inks or black and white paints. I  used largish brushes, water and ink., also a Bamboo pen on brown paper. We were encouraged to look at the work of  Marlene Dumas, a South African artist whose inspirational portraiture was on show at Tate Modern in 2015.

I am not familiar with her work and not sure if I  liked it that much, but I could see some potential and having paid in advance; it would have been foolish not to attend.

I have over the last few months I have become more comfortable in the classroom but not yet inclined to play, which is a shame because this was the very opportunity to play after a sad week.  

However, it was not all bad and the results not brilliant but not all destined for the bin.

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