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Wednesday’s woman …

January 13, 2016

2016-01-13 08.14.09Wednesday, again follows a day of blog post inaction, as a result of a funeral and a medical appointment. So, in a bid to bring some normality I honour Patti Smith.  For the last few weeks I have dedicated myself to reading more by default, as it has been uncomfortable and sometimes impossible to to anything else.

Also, during this time I have been thinking about writing and publishing a book; in fact this has been on my mind for a long time, yet have done nothing about it.  So Patti Smith has helped  in some ways and in others made think that I don’t have the ability and perhaps I should leave it to the experts or those who have so much more to say.  

Today,I have been reading a one her little books of prose called Woolgathering and she says, as if in a dream that she is ‘wading in a shallow pool … her daily journal is mocking her’. Already I can relate to this daily struggle; not to write, but to write something meaningful and appropriate, rather than self pitying drivel. Then she adds the phrase ‘movement is blessing’ and she is right, sitting and thinking is OK but it is the physical effort; the getting of the pen and paper and the doing is the catalyst … Thank You Patti Smith.

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