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At the weekend …

January 11, 2016

keysMy first memories as a child are those of Christmas; which looking back didn’t amount to much, in those days still in the time of wartime rations.  So while there was not much in the way of special food, Christmas day was just a day, with a few extra delights that my mother could muster, my dad returned to work on Boxing Day, when lunch really was lefts overs from the day before.

Nonetheless. it was a perfect day, me and my siblings didn’t want it to end and the next opportunity to feel that joy was in 12 months; a lifetime away; it seemed.  

Even though Christmas Day day has extended to several weeks or months, when we consider the phenomenal preparations, it, in my opinion doesn’t come near to the joy I felt then.

That doesn’t mean my life is full of woe and regret for those good old days of without and stoicism. Far from it, we have plenty of opportunities to share and celebrate throughout the year without the need to prepare or over spend, to keep us going before the so called  annual festivals that so often can be a let down.

I had one on those days this weekend (a happy event I mean)  Saturday morning was spent doing some printmaking using Plasticine as a ‘block’ impressed with odd and bobs. It was a happy community event that went on to become an art exhibition  in our new Yellow Tea Pot Cafe … this was one of those occasions that will never be repeated like the second cup of tea never matches the first draft!

In my enthusiasm I didn’t take pictures of the event but this image is the result of the morning session.

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