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Yesterday …

December 18, 2015

Three Bells ...Yesterday; I attended a screen printing workshop in London at the Print Club London. No great shakes, I have been to a few workshops over the last couple of years. However, this one was special as I had booked it originally in  September for November, before I was brought down by a horrible back injury and then postponed it.  It was some time before I considered that I was well enough; not just to undertake the long journey but to stand for several hours in a print room.

So yesterday it happened! The journey was without difficulty to a part of London I had visited earlier in the year; Dalston. Arriving early I was able to  have a reconnoitre of the local shops that I noted before.

The course was Photo-emulsion Screen Printing for beginners it was really good I learned a lot and we all produced 6 perfect images to take  home. Although, I have tried screen printing before my experience was mostly hands-on using paper stencils. This was more technical using Paint Shop and then chemicals and equipment that I would not have at home.

The idea was that having learned the skills we could come back to the Print Room to use the equipment, practice and develop our new found skills. Sadly, I live too far away to make it practical however I do plan to do deluxe today course and during that time find a print room nearer home that offer similar facilities .

However I am not sure any print room will offer such a wide array of independant shops and cafes I enjoyed at lunchtime.

So I look forward to returning in the new year for a longer session.

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