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A painting a day … possible?

December 7, 2015

2015-12-07 10.43.37This blog post might not materialise but I hope it does and come something.  I have been ill for the last couple of months; not life threatening but I have been to some dark places and mournful. During this time my usual routines have been thwarted at every turn and for the most time this seemed as traumatic as the pain itself.  So, with the pain and subsequent treatment; the hopes, plans, and dreams were were put on hold, some cancelled altogether.  

In some respects I have been disabled, but now as I improve and certain routines are returning.  Looking closely at the joys and disappointments, not just recently but over the last few years since becoming ‘creative’. I I were perhaps to document the ups and downs the result would be a resounding thumbs up.  

However, in reality this isn’t always the case. I can struggle for days, even weeks with downess (not depression I’ve been there).  There is an anxiety that is consuming and tiresome; I am always trying to invent ways to enjoy the the starting of a new project or maintaining an ongoing task.  

This becomes increasingly difficult when technology, age and ability comes into play. So as I say I am coming out of my recent bout of stuckness and browsing an art magazine.  I came across an article about an artist who wished to revive her current practice by beginning a new project, by painting a picture every day and this continues 10 years later  and become an international, lucrative and fulfilling community . It would seem that in some quarters these one day pieces are valued.  

This got me thinking, I draw daily even in my darkest times; I even keep them and sold the result of some of these scrawlings. Many, I preserve carefully in books and folders; 5 years of progress. I have exhibited them but I don’t consider them my art work, the journey perhaps. not what I aspire to,  almost they are a disappointment because they are unfinished or like Cinderella who didn’t make it to the ball.  

In a bid to make sense of all the above I will begin my own celebration of a ‘picture’ a day in a weekly blog post … I am not sure which day yet but will you join me?

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