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Alphabet on Thursday C is for the Cube tea pot

December 3, 2015

2015-12-03 19.28.25I found this book in a charity shop in Cheltenham; I was killing time and enjoyed ages in the corner laughing out loud.  I had to buy it , if only for the comic value … it was interesting too.

It would seem that the Cube teapot  “illustrates both British inventiveness and the national obsession with ‘improving’ things. It reflects the continuing search for the perfect teapot – one that makes a perfect cup of tea, but also doesn’t drip, is easy to pour and it can be used and stored away without chipping the spout. Most of the improvers, over the years have settled for  just one of these problems, an infuser just for the right brew or an unchippable spout, or a lock-lid.  The CUBE claimed to have combined all these individual needs in one ‘perfect ‘ design. The story that followed is a joy. 

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