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Thursday’s Alphabet … B is for Black Tea and pot

November 26, 2015

2015-11-25 15.21.33I don’t have  favourite tea; all, even those I have yet to try are special and hold a happy opportunity.  Black tea, I take when I return home from work at 5.30pm or a little earlier at the weekend when the afternoon begins to fade at about 4pm; sometimes, with a cake or biscuit. The one I have at the moment is called Tippy Yunnan.  It is a very forgiving tea and allows me merely to use boiling water (others are a little more tender and prefer 80 degrees) and steep it 2 or 3 times.  While it is deliciously smooth; the first steep simply sparkles.  Thereafter, the flavour softens and becomes comforting as the night draws in.  Black tea is known for its anti inflammatory qualities, so lately after the leaves are completely steeped I add some camomile flowers, that also has healing characteristics along with aids to a restful sleep.  

I have a nice teapot bought in a charity shop that gives tea time a sophisticated air albeit a little out of focus!

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