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AlphabeThursday … A is for the art of tea

November 19, 2015


2014-03-30 07.59.17I am tired of writing about my recent demise, but being away from my place of work I feel bereft of ideas and inspiration. Even, this week returning with a ‘phased’ doctor’s note I am still unable to use the surrounds positively in my daily blog post; it just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Even with  the AlphabeThursday that came to a natural close last week and is not directly related to the library;  I struggle for inspiration.  I am incline not to partake in this round until I feel better.

But this is silly!

I reflect on daily life since being confined to home for the last few weeks, alone and in pain for hours at a time. I have learned to break the day up with pleasant interludes; snack-ettes and tea breaks to coincide with the pain control. These rituals are not new, they are part of a recovery plan not this most recent, but probably as I came from the womb. Comforting actions to revive, motivate, strengthen in times of hardship, grief and down-heartedness. I have tried other remedies, some extreme, maverick, inappropriate, some perhaps more suitable I have continued and maintained.

Tea drinking has remained a favourite and stood me in good stead for the past few weeks.  

I have been drinking tea since I was a child (except when I was drinking some more harmful  fluids to get enhanced joys) then, milky and sweet; dropping the sugar and milk later.

It was much later when I began acupuncture during my menopause (15 years ago) and the practitioner recommended green tea and introduced me to to a supplier of fine Chinese tea and thus my relationship with tea developed and a means to celebrate my well being rather than regret my passing fertility.

So, in a bid to revitalise my blog posts I begin a new AlphabeThursday with the Art of Tea.  A is for Anne at Attic Tea, Acupuncture and the queen of Camellia.

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  1. reyreb permalink
    November 20, 2015 3:55 pm

    Hi Helen sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Rebecca.

    • November 21, 2015 9:01 am

      It has been hard. But I am hoping that good will come through as I recover.

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